I'm Lori, I'm 16, I live in Florida.
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I need a place for my Big Brother+ feels.
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frank said this morning he feels bad that so many actual fans that tried out didn’t make it but all the recruits did. and he said he wouldn’t vote for danielle in f2 because she’s a dating show reject. 

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Dream f2

Dream f2

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shane i love you

dan took jenn off the block, and ian replaced jenn with joe

to copy someone else in the bb tag

here is my order of people i want to see win

1. Dan

2. Frank

3. Ian

4. Shane

5. Jenn

6. Joe

7. Danielle

ian sadly has gone down to third. i love him to death, but frank has saved himself again and again and i think that is more worthy of a win than ian’s game. but again if ian won i’d be happy too haha

omfg i cant believe that meteor thing just knocked jenn right off!!!

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